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Thursday, March 15, 2018

There is No Puppet Master!

I took the notion to pull cards for myself this week and do a personal reading based on the question I had for 2018. With this new moon in Pisces coming up on March 17th 2018 and Spring right round the corner it's the perfect time to do my own reading, which I liken to a personal inventory for me. It gives me a chance to take stock of my life and what direction I'm going in. I ask myself what I want and need to change or to improve upon.

Many folks choose not to do their own readings as they might feel or think that it's difficult to remain objective. I don't find this to be the case. That said I'm not frequently doing full 10 card Celtic Cross readings for myself, as this does not enable discernment, but simply creates confusion, instead of real clarity and understanding of myself and my present situation.

Drawing a daily card, I do for study reasons. This daily discipline and practice gives me the opportunity to continue to develop my relationship with each card and I can meditate on it's meaning and how it relates to my daily life. No one should have readings done constantly, as each the reading covers a period of three to six months.

Some folks can become dependent on Tarot in an unhealthy way as a result of feeling we lack control over our lives. This isn't true, we do have control over many parts of our lives. Certainly there are also many things in life that we can't control but we do have control over our behaviour and the choices we make. But the fact is there's no weird puppet master pulling our strings.

This week's reading is an affirmation and a confirmation of the last reading I did for myself in October 2017,  and I was happy and very satisfied with the outcome and what the cards in the Celtic Cross indicated today. I'm sure looking forward to the months to come. However it's very important for me to remember, to really enjoy living my life to the fullest and mindfully in the present moment and to look hopefully to the future.

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Ten of Wands - Oppression, Suppression, Repression

Here we see Jason surrounded by burning wands looking very despondent. I ask myself why doesn't he just bust himself out of that inferno, how did he get in there, and who put him in that position?

The way I see it is there could be three answers to this question. 1. Someone who's taken him hostage wanting to do him harm. 2. Someone who's punishing him for something he's done or perhaps not done. 3. He's unknowingly placed himself in there.

All these answers relate to how people can be oppressedsuppressed and finally how we can suppress our thoughts and feelings so much and for so long, that our feelings reach the level of repression and we are left unaware that we've crossed that line. We're completely out of touch with our feelings and are unaware that this has happened.

It's been said many times if you don't deal with your emotions they will deal with you and come out side ways. I know through my own personal experience to be so true, as a recovering person for many years.

If we are being oppressed and feeling over burdened, we have to find a way to change this, whether we're doing this to ourselves or someone else is doing this to us. If we are constantly stuffing and suppressing our feelings, after this eventually leads to repression, which is very unhealthy and can lead to serious mental health issues.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

The Worm Moon and Hecate

Tonight this Worm Moon illuminates and reveals. We meet the ancient underworld goddess Hecate, ruler of the moon, magic and enchantment. She is the image of the mysterious watery depths of the unconscious. The Moon goddess augers confusion, fluctuation, and uncertainty.

Learning to draw on the force of fierce femininity, I claim my power using my voice, stand up for my myself, deepening my spiritual practice and bring the skeletons out of the closet.

The Moon is all about emotion and the Worm Moon helps me to get in touch with the deep spiritual parts of myself that need processing. It has a purifying effect, like taking a magical bath. I burn sage, meditate on my journey and trust in the process

I made myself a hot cup of Chai tea and count my blessings that I'm so grateful for today and everyday.

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Two of Wands - Choose Empathy

Today I heard a wise women, Mary Gordon speak about empathy and a program. The Roots of Empathy that's been developed for children in schools. It's been proven to reduce bullying and aggression in schools.

This program involves parents bringing their own infants into the schools and a trainer enables children the opportunity to interact and observe the baby in order for the children to begin to what Mary Gordon calls "catching" empathy. She describes childhood as being the springtime of life.

When human beings are given the opportunity to discovery empathy this is where real personal growth and progress begins.

The Two of Wands depicts Jason  as he stands before the Centaur Chiron's cave, who is healer, priest and the great wise spiritual teacher, advising Jason to be bold and to know he's strong enough to change his dreams into reality. And like Jason we too must be the same and emulate the spiritual values that enable us to manifest real empathy toward others through an individual vision of the spirit. This vision will guide us as we leave childhood behind however we can still choose to live in the springtime of life watching the flowering of our life continue, and we will then be graced with unforeseen strength.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Seven of Cups - Flights of Fancy and Castle in the Air

I'm an imaginative person I know that, as a creative. I love stories of emotion, imagination, fantasy and myth that teach life lessons.

The card of the Seven of Cups indicates the combination of faith, emotion, illusion, fantasy and imagination, all qualities that are useful to artists and all human beings. However if we can't balance these with reality, that's when it can become problematic, leading us to deluding ourselves with pipe dreams and good intentions that somehow don't materialize or come to fruition perhaps, we loose our way, running from reality and life, causing a complexity of confusion.

There was a time that I ran from reality through the use and abuse of alcohol, that I became addicted to, and left me unable to distinguish reality from fantasy by times. I thank the God of my understanding I no longer need to live my life this way, and have 24 years of contented sobriety, one day at a time, which was something that did not came easy. It was rather like the tasks presented to Psyche by Aphrodite. Psyche had to work hard at facing the challenge of choosing and acting in realistic terms to make those potentials manifest.

I'm so very grateful I have chosen to live an uncomplicated life, grounded in reality. I get great satisfaction from the simple pleasures from a life of balance, paying attention to what makes me feel openhearted and alive, celebrating and connecting with quality of life, not in quantity, every day in a Hygge kind of way.

Today I celebrated by enjoying my fresh ground French Dark coffee beans for breakfast, some home made whole wheat buns and an Italian Frittata for supper. Perfection!

 My very Hygge cat Rusty is impressed!

Thursday, February 1, 2018

The Magician - Super Blue Blood Moon

I came out of the house last night around 6 o'clock and this is what I saw and it's what made me exclaim out loud, OH MY GOD WOW!
I've always been in love with the moon and I don't ever remember seeing it so large and so brilliantly red orange in colour. It was spectacular and sure stopped me in my tracks. It certainly was a rarity, as the Super- Blue-Blood Moon hasn't been seen in 35 years. Every one throughout the world seemed to be full of excited energy over this remarkable event.

Dubbed the rare 'lunar trifecta' it leaves one feeling like some very magical metaphysical even spiritually powerful event is happening. If not magic, it is definitely an awesome mystery. 
Unfortunately here is Nova Scotia we couldn't see the Lunar Moon Eclipse but my friend who lives in California saw it and was able to get photographs which I've posted below.

Not a magical Major Arcana card, the Magician nonetheless is wonderful, representing the powerful mercurial energy. It reminds us of how the four elements are all available to all of us, as the tools we need to guide our way on our path in life.

The elements of earth, fire, water and air, representing the mind, the imagination, the heart and the body, were all mastered by Hermes the Magician, and he is the inner guide, the spiritual teacher and protector of the Fool offering guidance and wisdom.

 Hermes is the son of Zeus, King of the gods and his mother (Gaia) Maia (Earth Mother) the mysterious nymph and is also known as Mother Night.

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

King of Cups - "Light at the Edge of the World"

 The King of Cups, (Orpheus) represents the authority that calms turbulent waters through creativity, compassion and empathy of the healing doctor, counsellor and priest.
This King  is one of my favourite  of the court cards because of what the King of Cups represents. I would say he embodies the very best of qualities and personality characteristics a human being can ever possess and exhibit.

The ideal of perfection and wisdom in another for me, comes the closest, when I think of the Canadian anthropologist, Dr.Wade Davis. Every time I hear him speak about the human condition, and how anthropology can provide healing answers to so many of the world's problems, I can't help but wish there were more people like him particularly in positions of political power.

If there were only more of us who comprehended the importance of learning from, accepting and appreciating cultures, what a better world it would be, knowing and understanding that race is a fabricated myth, perpetuated mostly by those concerned more with power and control.

Dr. Wade Davis is a modern day King of Cups in so many ways and poignantly articulates so insight-fully, how human beings are more alike than different, in that we all greatly share and originate from the same genus.

The King of Cups represents the authority that calms turbulent waters through creativity and compassion of the healing doctor and counsellor.

I posted a highlighted link below, to a recent talk Dr. Wade Davis gave on Ideas.

Dr. Wade Davis